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Veronica Cruz

"Prom", "Jump-ronica", "V-Rock"
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Computer Science

If she were a throw...

***super power***

"Veronica always looks gorgeous and party-ready, even after, for example, 2 days of games in the mud at Kaimana. You can usually find her on the dance floor surrounded by a groups of boys who can't resist her beauty or charm. She is also the team go-to person for hair/makeup/fashion advice."

"Veronica has the stickiest hands - she always comes down with anything thrown in her general vicinity. It probably helps that she can jump so high and run so fast."

"She wears some INTENSE looking gloves. and intense looking socks and ankle guards and basketball shorts and somehow always still manages to match them all to her ponytail and eyeshadow. Kinda cool. She's also good at frisbee."

Teams: 13-14, 12-13