Image credit Andrew Davis, Freeheel Images.

Jennie Lummis

"Lum Lum", "Sunshine", "Lumicorn"
"**Quote from player**"

International Relations and Art History

If she were a throw...
OI Forehand

***super power***

"She is the most supportive person ever, and always on top of things. She is constantly friendly and funny in addition to being a decisive leader, and she has done an outstanding job spreading ultimate frisbee love this fall, in addition to keeping her own intensity high."

"MAN she is fast. I have no idea what she does in her spare time to make sure she can outrun the fastest of vets of other teams, but she makes other fast people look slow."

"Jennie Lummis is an amazing presence on the team. Her passion for this sport and her concern for other players is unprecedented. I have never met someone my own age whom I have a coach-like respect for."

Teams: 13-14, 12-13, 11-12, 10-11