Image Credit Tiffany Phan

Amanda Somvilay

"If the taller half of the team gave me a piggy back ride I'd probably fall asleep on their backs."

Undeclared (but psychology fo sho)

If she were a throw...
Push Pass

Reading Minds

"She seems to be so much her own person who does her own thing, and that thing is ultimate frisbee, so that's cool. So much respect, beater. Also her layouts are the essence of pretty ultimate frisbee."

"Though she may look cute and little at first glance, Beater will rip apart your offspring and devour them one by one."

"Underneath her grumpy exterior, Amanda hides incredible super powers. She flies through the air with crazy bids and then high release flicks for days! No one knows how she does it. And she's super nice too."

Teams: 13-14