Chris Van Lang

Maya White

"Mama Maya"
"To all of my teammates: thanks for helping me stay young! :)"

Medicine/ Epidemiology

If she were a throw...
High-Release Flick

Atmokinesis - we would never have to play upwind!

"Fierce, fast, definitive D's. Announces D's with the Maya Call, a primal sound that warns all opponents to back off, because this girl is paleo and she has definitely taken down a woolly mammoth before."

"How does Maya always look so fabulous? Why does her hair always look so great even after playing in a 3 day tournament? How does she always manage to come up with the disc after everyone else has missed it? Some of life's many mysteries revolve around this amazing frisbee beast!"

"Well, she already catches everything, so if she were going to be more super, she would have to be able to fly or something (without a travel being called!)"

Teams: 13-14, 12-13