Gwen Ambler

As the only fourth-year player and second-year captain on Superfly this year, Gwen has led this team through an all-star season. "Gambler" sets the tone for devotion and darn-near-obsession with the game of Ultimate. You can put Gwen anywhere on the field, knowing that she will dominate. As a handler, she will run the show, break your mark with her newly added backhand high release, and cut with such authority that she is always remarkably open. And beware her hucks that will sail forever and inevitably connect with someone cutting deep. When she's on defense, watch out! Gwen has really developed into a defensive powerhouse this year. We all knew her mark was scary and unstoppable (handblocks much?), and we all knew she was willing to lay it out on O. She has really stepped it up, though, and you can always see Gwen laying out for some ridiculous defense and never allowing anything into the deep space when she plays deep-deep on zone D. Her on-the-field skills continue to improve beyond what anyone ever thought humanly possible, but her ability to motivate, encourage, and lead both on and off the field have really shown this year. Gwen will impress you with her star jumps, shock you with her silly party antics, dazzle you with her ultimate skills, and do it all with one of the best, most positive attitudes anyone out there could have. After her final year with Superfly, she can still be seen on the ultimate field with Bay Area club team Fury.

(Written in 2003.)

Teams: 02-03, 01-02, 00-01, 99-00