Heather Armstrong

From the start Heather was determined to make her rookie year the best ever, since as a senior, it would also be her last. Not only did Heather succeed in shining on the field, but she also warmed everyone's hearts with her incessant giggling ("Game Face, Chuckles") and fired up the team with her spirit and intensity. As a defensive specialist, Heather's trademarks are run-through Ds that make it seem like her girl was standing still and pushing in the zone such that the swing is scared. Heather wants the disc so badly that she may even rip it out of an opponent's hands while screaming! Bouncing back from and early season ankle injury, Chuckles' hard work showed everyone what it means to "bring it." Of course, she can also usually be found bringing it at parties too. No one can top her outfits with those pink fishnet stockings or 80's prom dresses, and just remember that when she says she loves you for the fifth time in one night, it's only because she really means it.

Teams: 01-02