Katie Berk

Katie's nickname pretty much says it all: Fofita. Fo' feet o' badass, that is. Katie may not be one of the tallest players on our team, but her stats as a receiver certainly wouldn't reveal it. She has great disc reading skills, solid hops, and some of the best speed on the team which help her sky her opponents with ease. Her rocket-like speed has also given her a huge edge on D. She never tires in the cup, frustrates experienced throwers with her trap, and loves to bait the thrower for the run-through D. On offense, Katie has developed the confidence and solid throws that have allowed her to be a huge force in man, zone, and iso offense as she can school her defender in and then turn and put it 30 yards for the score. As our bite-sized captain, Katie leads by example with amazing energy and work ethic, using every inch of her small stature to go big both on the field and at the party. While we will certainly miss her next year, all we can do is warn New York to watch out for the girl with big hair, aqua fishnets and a tutu skying you all over the field.

Teams: 05-06, 04-05, 03-04