Andrea "Tree" Bowring

Image credit Alexander Yuen.
Material Science

Relentless positivity

If Andrea were a throw, she would be:
a flat backhand huck because she goes the extra distance to help her team.

Besides Superfly, her favorite fly is:
Stalk-Eyed Fly

Scouting Report:
Tree was actually raised by a family of tenacious jungle chimpanzees. With her impressively large wingspan, she swung effortlessly from tree top to tree top, even using her snappy reflexes to catch birds along the way to bring home for dinner. After experiencing deforestation first-hand in her own jungle, Tree embarked on a quest to save the beautiful flowers and insects she grew up with, leaving her home to study with the Cornell Roses and Stanford Superfly. Today Tree uses her jungle experience to tear it up on the ultimate field with her stifling mark, crazy catches, and determined work ethic.

Teams: 11-12