Steff Brenman

Med student

About a tall mountain

If Steff were a throw, she would be:
A huck, because she is as tall as a huck and knows how to catch them high or knock them down.

Her favorite rule is:
The object of the game is to score goals.

Besides Superfly, her favorite fly is:
A Tsetse fly, because it's persistent and will put its victims in a coma with African sleeping sickness, BOOYAH.

If Steff were a dinosaur, she would be a:
Velociraptor, because her appetite is insatiable.

If Steff were a hat, she would be:
A practical hat that carried food and drink on little arms that would feed her.

Scouting Report:
One day Steff went to the Stanford Medical School to deliver a baby, when suddenly some rogue biomedical geneticist scientist people appeared and decided she was the perfect specimen to experiment on! They took her to a secret lab where her genes were altered and they bestowed upon her superhuman reflexes. She is able to react more quickly than the average human and get the D before the Offense even knows what's going on. Knowing she could only use her powers for good, Steff decided to join Superfly!

Teams: 11-12