Liz Cassel

Liz is known by many aliases on and off the field: "Beyonce" (cause she loves to shake it to a good beat), "Dr. Beyonce" (because she's a PhD student), "King of the Castle" (because she was in every slide in the Nationals slide show last year). But if you ask our opponents, they'll know Liz for her tireless cutting on offense and her devestating lay-out D's on defense. She is an explosive player who is unstoppable, harnessing her natural athleticism from a lifteime of track running to a more interesting sport. In her fourth year on Superfly, Liz is the leading the team this year as captain. Liz leads the team in her intensity, leads every team dancing pyramid, and she loves the party. Watch out for her at the Centex dance-off, and watch her on your hip in the stack.

Teams: 07-08, 06-07, 05-06, 04-05