Crystal Cook

Just try to stop Crystal from throwing the disc. Go ahead - we dare you. Crystal has been the model of dedication from day one, overcoming concussions and sexile courtesy of her roommate to get to practice, while putting in countless throwing and training hours, including running every section in the whole stadium. All of her hard work has paid off as she has become one of the most consistent handlers on the team, making big plays, always finding her receiver, and making marks look just plain silly, while always flashing a sweet smile in the process. Plus she can jack it really, really far and rarely needs a second invitation to put the disc in her receivers hands in the back of the endzone. On D, Crystal has grown tremendously as a player through her four years with Superfly, specializing in shutting down poppers in the zone and baiting the run through D so she can streak deep to catch the score. A true student of the game, Crystal is constantly looking to improve even further, constantly asking questions and looking to round out her game. Finally, we can always count on Crystal to show us how to go big, whether it be on the field with her hucks or in making an entrance at the ultimate party.

Teams: 05-06, 04-05, 03-04, 02-03