Jean Feng

Image credit Andrew Davis, Freeheel Images.
Computer Science

If Jean were a throw, she would be:
An MJ. Her life decisions come out of nowhere, and she likes to do things just for the hell of it.

Her favorite rule:
The Principle of Verticality: x = 1!

Besides Superfly, her favorite fly is:
Elephant-fly, like Dumbo

Scouting Report:
An extremely dedicated and motivated tech enthusiast, Jean has worked at both Apple and Palm, and hopes to (as I'm sure she will) be accepted as an intern at a nearby start-up. Despite the significant amount of time and effort Jean commits to this impressive, tech-savvy side of her life, she still pursues various interests in other fields - both in the health field (as she voluntarily takes EMT training "just for fun") and on the Ultimate field (as an invaluable Superfly who destroys her competitors as both a cutter and handler).

Teams: 11-12, 09-10