Jenny Founds

Jenny impressed us from day one with her incredible athleticism, sideways layout bids and her sweet smile. A former high school soccer goalie, Jenny is happy to hit the ground on every play, coming up with ridiculous layout D's and catches that have already had opponents exclaiming, " Where do they find these people?" Even more amazing is when she bounces back up after catching the disc and launches a 50-yard flick that has us scratching our heads and pondering the exact same question. While she is a relative newcomer to the sport, Jenny is already on a steep learning curve as demonstrated by her desire to try throwing hammers her first week out and to take advantage of every rainy afternoon for layout practice. No one on the field works harder then she does, running circles around her d and pulling down disc after disc in the endzone, always asking questions and learning from those around her in the process. Don't let her innocent face fool you, however. Jenny can chap with the best of them and has a boatrace split to back it up.

Image credit Andrew Davis, Freeheel Images.

Teams: 07-08, 06-07, 05-06