Jess Guh

It's hard to say which of Jess's tricks is hardest to explain: her physics-defying grabs or the fact that one of her legs kicks out to the side when she's toasting you. Her wacky running style simply tops off a complete package: she's both techie and fuzzy, she throws ridiculously low forehand breaks, she launches for huge layout Ds, and she anchors the boat-race team with speed limited only by gravity. Jess is the emotional core of our team, always ready to bring it--and bring it loudly--when it matters most. Look for her to bring down ridiculous swill as the stakes get higher, because Jess is used to taking charge. She likes battle on the field and peace elsewhere. And whether she's firing us up with a clutch poach D or sticking it to the man at a protest, she's loyal to the core--and to the end.

Teams: 04-05, 03-04, 02-03