Rachel Habbert

Recently named captain of Team Stud, this girl does her job and does it well. You may see her skill displayed as she stuns boys and girls alike by leaving her jaw slack for a long long... long time. Or maybe you recognize her as the girl who wins every marking drill, tallying hand blocks on rookies and veteran handlers alike. Superfly is proud to have converted her raw softball athleticism, putting her hops and sticky hands to work as our handler-deep connection at the one in the stack. She knows the rules like she knows the unslacked jaws of the countless opponents she's crushed (there is a long time to stare), and it shows in every part of her game. Her unwavering focus and low release forehands tear apart any defense. She anticipates a player's every move, shutting people down and generating D's that cause other teams to exclaim "She's just SO tall!" (she's 5'4"). Our loudest on the sidelines, she loses her voice by game 2 of every tournament. Someone needs to take her and Robin "The Truth" Davis to voice lessons. Rachel Habbert, captain for Superfly 2009, brings a veteran mental game to the field and a mouth like a sailor to the party.

Teams: 09-10, 08-09, 07-08, 06-07, 05-06