Halsey Hoster

Image credit Andrew Davis.
Mechanical Engineering

Besides Superfly, her favorite fly is:
Lord of the flies!

Superhero origins:
Halsey was actually born incredibly short. However, the fates destined her for greatness and a superb ability to reach into only the highest of cabinets. After accidentally stumbling into an irradiated pool of standing water, Halsey transformed into her alter ego Tallsey! While normal Halsey is a mere 5'10", Tallsey is an incredible 10'5". Obviously Halsey realized that her new found power must be used for the utmost good, hence she joined Superfly this past year to help purge the world of evil and celebrate the good of neon spandex and sparkles.

If Halsey were a throw, she would be:
A huck thrown against a zone! Because of her shock value (who throws a huck against a zone? Oh wait...we do!) and her incredible ballsey-ness. Don't be fooled by her friendly demeanor, Halsey has actually earned the nickname Halsey-Tallsey-Ballsey for her daring deep cuts.

Scouting Report:
Despite her superhero status, Halsey is always the nicest and friendliest girl on and off the field. A true teammate, you can always count on Halsey to tell a hilarious story at warm-ups, join you in an absurd dance, run her @$$ off in a cup without any complaint, and always, give support and superflove.

Teams: 11-12