Julia James

"Elasti-Girl," "JJ," "Raft of Drowning Puppies": whatever persona Julia takes on any particular day, know that your team--or your heart--is in trouble. Whether it be ridiculous (but still somehow graceful) bodily contortions to make the D or catch the swill, perfectly-timed continue cuts, or make-your-knees-weak beautiful forehand hucks, Julia always knows (and delivers) exactly what the team needs at any given moment... on top of all this, she's got an amazing sense of fashion. No matter what the weather, Julia seems to feel most at ease in one of her awesome home-made tank tops, pieced together from vintage James family athletic gear. Her special uniforms seem to give her special powers: she's the first to get to practice and the last to leave, always ready to kick ass with a smile on her face. Julia's pure love of the game lifts the team and reminds us that, played at its most intense, ultimate can truly lighten one's soul.

Image credit Andrew Davis, Freeheel Images.

Teams: 06-07, 05-06, 04-05, B team 02-03, 03-04