Enessa Janes

An amazing freshman phenom three seasons ago, Enessa has improved exponentially since then. She's still one of the toughest defenders in the game, but now after she pointblocks/ skys/ gets a layout D (take your pick), E will pick up the disc and put up a beautiful huck for the score. She's also happy to break the mark, and then demand the disc on every other pass as she works it up field as if there weren't any defense at all. Did we mention that she is really, really fast? While some of us might question her racing strategy, as E points out, if she beats you running on a diagonal, that just means she ran farther than you, faster than you. Enessa leads Superfly with her energy and work ethic. She's the kind of player who makes all of her teammates better. Whether it's scrimmages in practice, early morning sprints, or the finals of a tournament - she never fails to leave it all on the field. With her perfectly timed cuts, precision throws, and shut down D, she brings everyone's play to a higher level.

Teams: 05-06, 04-05, 03-04, 02-03, 01-02