Kara Johnson

This freshman superstar joined Superfly already with a love of ultimate from her high school years and boy does it show. With confidence and grace Kara has made an impressive debut on the college scene. After a knee injury early in the season she has recovered quickly and has emerged as one of our top receivers in the endzone and out of the stack. Her claw-like grabs snatch errant discs from near turfing and damn can she get up to nab hucks in the endzone. On defense Kara will sneak up on you and run through your catch faster than you can say ["does this make you uncomfortable?"] Her buttery forehands and backhands make her a well-rounded, go-to player who isn't easy to shut down. She will fake, break, and score, so look out for her this season. Let her get deep of you and you'll be skyed for sure.

Image credit Andrew Davis, Freeheel Images.

Teams: 07-08, 06-07, 05-06, 04-05