Erin Lapping

No one can deny that Erin Lapping is fast like, really fast. And she's got ups. Despite the fact that she is 5'3", Lapping will manage to sky just about any person out on the field going up for a disc with her. You might also catch her making a grab all of two inches above the grass when everyone else has already assumed it's down. This season she has really developed into one of the most consistent players on our team. In the deep, she makes perfectly timed cuts and is always open because, well, she is really fast. As a popper, she sneaks into whatever hole the cup allows. On defense, she will beat her player to the disc and will shut down any zone offense as a pusher. Miss Semi-Tilt has become a true leader on Superfly, willing to do whatever it takes to fire our team up during a lull of a game-cheering loudly from the sidelines, getting a run through D to generate the turn, giving one of her infamous speeches, or just being the funniest person alive.

Teams: 02-03, 01-02, 99-00