Jen Lau

This year has seen Jen grow from a budding handler into a fast, aggressive speedster with a love for the front of the stack. A crucial offensive asset, she has a natural ability to get open when her defender is smothering and she can fake any mark to the ground. J-Lau has the throws of a pro and has both a backhand and forehand huck that our deeps drool over catching in the endzone. If J-Lau is on defense get ready for some dynamic plays. She will lay out on D and run through your best cutters and when in the cup, this girl will push harder than anyone. She constantly stops visionary throwers looking to break through the cup and crashers wish they hadn't when Jen steps up to stop them. She uses her speed and smart angles to cut off the advancing offense with hand blocks, and sheer strength. Look out for Jen on the dance floor too. She has taught us Superflys everything we know in the ways of seductive, club-savvy dance moves. Oh yea, and her bod in spandex is impeccable.

Teams: 05-06, 04-05, 03-04