Kathy Liu

Kathy came to us with some high school experience followed by two years on the Stanford B team. So we weren't too surprised by her uber-buttery throws and savvy field sense. We were blown away, however, by her quickness and her willingness to leave her feet to catch anything. We also quickly became convinced that she is, indeed, the cutest person on the planet. Kathy is straight sugar. She takes care of all of us while at the same time always pushing herself to new heights. She is our model of diligence and dedication-always on time, always running 100%, always working on her throws. Even though her season has been cut short by knee surgery, Kathy continues to mommy us all, perpetually driving us to near-pant-wetting laughter with her emails and sideline commentary. Look for her to score double-digit sideline d's at nationals, and make sure to remember her sweet face. Because next year she will be back, and she will burn you!

Teams: 02-03, B team 01-02, 00-01