Dawn Maxey

We have three words to describe this little sprout of defensive energy: So Damn Dope. Dawn impressed us with her speed from the very start of the season and it wasn't long before we realized that she has a natural field sense that works to her advantage time and time again. A former soccer stud, you'd never believe that she is only a freshman by looking at her play. She'll lay out for the D on command with a chest-high horizontal block that gives us all chills and then she'll cut smart for a pass. She is every team's defensive dream and consistently shuts down the offensive stars of our opponents. She's only a freshman, but this one plays with a determination and intelligence that challenges that of our more experienced players. After an ACL injury sustained in Kaimana, Dawn has been on the sideline rehabbing, learning, and amping up for the next Superfly season. Her strength and skill are growing and she's going to be a force to contend with in 05-06. She's what you might call 'dee-lish'.

Teams: 04-05