Whitney Metzger

We dare you to underestimate Whit, our official team firecracker. You think you get low on the mark? Her forehand will still make its way under your hand. You think you have a few inches on her? Her deep reading skills and ups have devastated many a tall player. She will lay out and smother anything you try to put through the cup. You are quick? Oh dearwe fear what her shake-n-bake handler magic will do to your self-esteem. Or, we would fear, except for the fact that Whitney is pure spirit and would never make anyone feel bad. She embodies the special essence of ultimate-composure under duress, grace with intensity. She won't waggle the disc in your face; rather, she will smile, tell you that you made a nice bid, and genuinely mean it. You will be hard-pressed to find a better competitor. And we here at Stanford are well-aware of just what a fantastic captain and teammate Whitters has been. Yes, she sometimes confuses shirts with pants, and no, it is not a pleasant experience to try to wake her up. But those are her only two flaws, as far as we can tell, and neither of them will help you in any way against her on the field. Take a deep breath and say your prayers, because if she has lined up against you, you are at her mercy.

Teams: 02-03, 01-02, 00-01