Karen Milch

She makes crazy grabs. She throws perfect forehands. She runs the entire stadium. She gets layout handblocks. She lifts mad weights. She makes up interesting play names. That's right, Karen Milch does everything. Everything, that is, except bite on your chumpy fakes. Milchie is one of the most complete players in the game, and she is a ROCK. Her mark never falters, and her mental game never wavers. She is pure efficiency, and always open. One look at her angelic face might lead you to believe that you are dealing with something other than an ultimate demon; for your own sake, we encourage you not to be fooled. As a third year player (and a practice player for bay area club team Fury), Karen has the ability to completely dominate a game, like the time she scored 10 out of 13 points against Berkeley. Not only is Milch unstoppable on the field, she is already a force out in the world, working to promote community health in India, solving the world's food distrubution problems, and campaigning for better foreign policy. Her compassion and empathy beyond frisbee just make her more of a force: she truly plays each point as though it is the consummate privilege. Just check out her face when she scores the game-winning goal on you!

Teams: 03-04, 02-03, 01-02, 00-01