Rosie O'Gara

As a third year player, Rosie has been a force on the field. Her patented one-handed grabs have been money as usual in the deep-space, and she can always be counted on to get open on the strong-side. Her experience has become apparent in her confidence with the disc since she's not afraid to put it after getting the disc off of a come-back cut. If the conditions start to get windy, watch for her popping in the zone and shredding the cup with the give-and-go. You'll also see her using that 5'10" wingspan as a mid-mid cutting off any look to the middle of the field whether we're playing a four or a three-person cup. As a senior, Rosie has also stepped up in her leadership role on the team and can be counted on to bring a smile to your face with her infectious giggle. Lucky for Stanford, Rosie is also co-terming in Anthropological Sciences, so she'll get to play another year where you'll get to see even more of her running things on O and D.

Teams: 03-04, 02-03, 01-02, 00-01