Shannon Overly

We first knew Shannon as "the really fast girl" of the Peninsula Summer League. Little did we know then that Shannon had been a 4-year track speedster at Stanford and was intending to stick around for another year to get her masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and play some ultimate. Well, the stars seem to have aligned this year in our favor, because here she is! Or, more likely, there she went. That's right, Shannon is now known as "the really fast girl" on the Stanford team. She makes traditionally quick players weep because she has ludicrous wheels. And then, when she leaves her feet, forget about it. Her vertical is astronomical. Combine all of that with rock-solid throws (yes, the girl will break you), veteran mental game, perfect layout form, defensive hunger, and a general lack of need for food or water, and you have pretty much the bionic woman. She is undoubtedly the Northwest Region's Rookie of the Year, if not the country's. And she is a good cook. And she makes sweet things in the machine shop. And she sews like a pro. We love her, and you probably do too, by now. If that is the case, she is a Pisces, and feel free to call her or look for her on the field this summer with bay area club team Fury - she would love to talk your ear off.

Teams: 02-03