Erin Percival

As the only fourth year player on the team, Peedoo has the experience, skills, and leadership to help the team excel. In her third year as a starting handler, Peeps has the throws to shred any D and also has some of the smartest handler cuts in the game. No matter who is guarding her, she WILL get open whenever she wants. With little regard for her body, Peeps lays out with reckless abandon on offense and defense to get the disc, and she has the scars to prove it. As Superfly's Callahan nominee, Peedoo epitomizes a great ultimate player who's dedicated to the sport and her team. She also knows how to party and can be seen leading the team in all sorts of debauchery including a boat race or a striptease. This is also her second year playing with Fury during the off-season.

Teams: 01-02, 00-01, 99-00, 98-99