Danielle Platt

Danielle is to the ultimate world what Shakira is to the music world: a sensation. Last year Danielle returned from France and took the Frisbee community by storm. On the field she stunned the competition with mad ups, sneaky runthrough D's, and buttery throws. She consistently shut down the toughest opponents by frustrating them with her incredible speed and stifling them on the mark with foot blocks and hand blocks. Off the field, Danielle had nearly as many MVP moments. Whether chilling on top of the table, chatting up ultimate celebs, or heckling rookies into making strong choices, Danielle is always a contender to win the party. This year Danielle will make a glorious return to Superfly after honing her ultimate skills in San Diego's summer league and perfecting her flick in the Patagonian wilderness. As a senior, Danielle will be a commanding presence on the team - both on the field and off.

Teams: 07-08, 06-07, 05-06, B team 04-05