Annee Rempel

Image credit Alexander Yuen.
Human Biology/Studio Art

Fluent in all of the useless slang words in every language

If Annee were a throw, she would be:
A HAMMER - this serves two goals. A) Annee is badass and hammers are badass. B) if her med school plans don't work out, she's tryna be a construction worker.

Besides her Superfly, her favorite fly is:
Drosophila mutants that fluoresce

Scouting Report:
Annee is a wildebeast. Don't get thrown off by her friendly smiles and fashionable hair-dos, Anneee will run you into the ground, sky you all over the field and this is her first year playing ultimate! After rowing for a year at Stanford, Anneeee is super excited to be back competing on land and we're super excited to be running around on the field with her.

Teams: 11-12