Elaine Hart

We've recently learned that this girl has a resting heart rate that could rival Lance Armstrong's. Machines think she is dead when she's actually busy reading riveting celeb news. Being in great shape, though, is not the only manifestation of her unrelenting determination. It showed bigtime when she came out of nowhere to win pretty much every party this spring (she deals out a wrist-shattering bag slap) and when she became a reliable and aggressive handler given only a month (without being taught any of our plays - oops). While throwing IO breaks and running our offense, she had a near-perfect completion rate at more than one tournament. She is one of the quickest players in the game, burning people on every cut and playing the shut-down man D that makes her Superfly's next Human Eraser. Those of weaker will, you have been warned; Elaine Hart is going to be a big name on Superfly for years to come.

Teams: 10-11, 09-10, 08-09, 07-08, B team 06-07