Caitlin Rugg

Once upon a time, a girl came to fall ultimate practice wearing a lacrosse necklace. Let's admit right now that the second we saw this necklace, we were immediately determined to get rid of it. This girl blew us away on her first practice when, though the sun had gone down, the icy September winds were blowing, and practice had been an especially hard one, she ran doggies (50y sprints) faster than anyone on the field. As she blew by superflies and rookies alike, her destiny, and that of the lacrosse necklace, was sealed. As a Superfly rookie, she made some sick bids for winner of the party and played the aggressive defense of a champ in Ohio. As a sophomore, she has stepped into the role of handler, and it fits like a glove (kind of like that glove Lauren/Casey used to wear all the time... chump). With the ability to either bomb her forehand full field or release it in the millimeters between a defender's hand and the grass, Caitlin Rugg is going to have a good year on Superfly.

Teams: 10-11, 09-10, 08-09, 07-08, 06-07