Lauren Schneider

Watching Losch play, you'd never guess that it's only her first season on Superfly. With great field sense and impeccable timing from her soccer days, she's always open - often in the end zone. Her quickness and smarts on the field also make her an exceptional defender. Her girl rarely gets the chance to touch the disc at all, but if she does, you'd better watch out for Lauren's smothering mark. When the weather gets bad, she just gets even better. She takes away every up field look as a mid-mid. If you try to break it through the cup, watch out for her patented karate-chop blocks. Then watch for her to turn around and shred as a popper in zone O. Even though she's a rookie, Losch has quickly become an integral member taking care of business on and off the field.

Teams: 06-07, 05-06, 04-05, B team 03-04