Mary Lyn Stein

Mary Lyn seems sweet as a Georgia peach. . . until she gets a run through D/footblocks you/ skies you. But don't worry, she'll always smile so sweetly afterwards, you'll find it impossible to be mad. In her fourth year with Superfly, Mary Lyn is a super super-captain who shows us what it means to go big. One of her favorite places on the field is on the mark, pushing in the zone until she baits the poach D, and getting footblock after footblock in man D. Popping in the zone, her timing is impeccable and you might think you only have to worry about her smooth lefty flicks...until she breaks you with a righty backhand. Also a leader at the gym, she reminds us that anything that ends in "-ies " can't be that bad--and her amazing calves proves that Jumpies are worth it. Don't let her southern charm fool you -- this girl's got fire when she plays. You'll better watch out for this girl.

Teams: 05-06, 04-05, 03-04, 02-03