Julie van Löben Sels

As a second year player coming back from fall quarter in Barcelona, Julie instantly found her niche as a handler. Utilizing her smooth throws to break the mark and find the open cutter Julie will run the offense with precision as she dumps and swings all day long. She's not afraid to put it either when she gets an open throw to a receiver racing deep. Her basketball skills have translated into the ability to juke her defender out of her shorts, box out anyone under the disc, and to see the field as an awesome zone player. Jules plays with heart and has committed herself fully to the team-coming to every single practice on time and working hard whether it is during a drill we do every day, sprints at 7 am, or scrimmages where it's the championship of the universe. That competitive drive is what helps her excel at ultimate and in life.

Teams: 02-03, 01-02